Three Ways to Keep a Winning Mindset in Uncertain Times – w/ Michael Sadeghpour (author, founder of EdgeThink)

By Tom Pisello | November 19, 2020

In this interview of author and sales performance coach Michael Sadeghpour, we discuss the key elements used by elite athletes that sellers can leverage to drive better performance.

On why our internal dialogue is so important:

“The reason why our internal dialogue is so important is that the vocabulary that we attach to [those] events gives those events meaning, and when we give an event meaning, we focus on it, and of course that creates emotions. And given that, it’s really important that we focus on and really start to pay attention to our inner dialogue.”

Michael had 3 things he says are critical to positive mindset… They are:

I asked him why Attitude was the #1 thing. Here is the wonderful insight he shared…

“The mind leads the body. And, if the mind isn’t right, then we’re not getting everything that we can out of it. So, I’ll give you an example… There’s a young man that I’m coaching. 18 year old hockey player, elite status on the national level. And I asked him- I said- and he is struggling with his mindset not working for him- and I said ‘What would happen if it went the other way?’
And HE said… “ I’d be 125% of a better hockey player.”

And I’m thinking, he’s already at the National level! Can you imagine what that would unleash for this young person??! And that’s the difference of carrying around an extra weight on your shoulders when your attitude isn’t right. It’s like taking the dirt road with the potholes vs. ‘Hey, if I can just get my attitude right, and understand how that works, I’m goin’ on the highway!’

Check out the full episode here!

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