The Value Gap: Podcast Interview – with Dan Sixsmith

By Tom Pisello | November 7, 2019

Our Podcast has launched, and we kicked off our inaugural episode with the dynamic Dan Sixsmith, Sales Leader, consultant, and host of his own Sales Is King podcast! (@DigitalAdvantg on twitter)

Dan had some wonderful anecdotes, ideas, and insights to share with our EVOLVERS community. Among them, the following takeaways were true gems!

“I think it comes down to just comfort level, and just falling back on what salespeople are comfortable with, and depending on your personality, right? So, there’s a lot of research that shows that introverts are actually very good salespeople today because they care about the other person more than themselves. So they’re willing to do a more detailed discovery and ask questions and actually listen, versus sometimes the extroverts want to just talk the whole time and do a lot of bloviating.

But I think from a comfort perspective, by definition salespeople know the most about the solution and the PowerPoint, and they’re rehearsed. Developing the skills of asking questions, actively listening, and then being able to then weave in their solution, I think is just a new skill that a lot of sellers just haven’t, I don’t think, invested enough time in learning yet.”

“I mean, look at all the companies, the Blockbusters, the Kodaks. Those people didn’t see what was coming down the road. They didn’t evolve, and they’re gone. So salespeople really need to get on the bandwagon here. Certain companies are doing it well. It starts at the top. It starts at the hiring process as well. How are you hiring salespeople, and what skill set are you hiring for? That all has to change as well.”


With the times, and the changes. Always look ahead.

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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