The Rise of Seller Action Hubs

By Mediafly | March 26, 2024

As the demands of buyers become more nuanced and complex, sales teams must continuously adapt to meet buyers where they are. For many teams, the way to evolve has been to adopt a myriad of new tools, data points, and sales processes that will (hopefully) drive deals home.

Unfortunately, this method alone doesn’t seem to be working. All this extra nuance isn’t enabling reps to sell better, be more productive or close more deals. Instead, it has increased the complexity of their daily work in a way that often drags them down rather than lifting them up. The expansion of the sales tech stack offers tons of new opportunities for sellers to improve their craft. But, without structure and guidance, these new insights quickly become just another source of overwhelm.

That’s where seller action hubs come in. A seller action hub is a one-stop shop where sellers can access the information they need when they need it without being bogged down by unnecessary clutter. Sellers can complete the majority of their work within these hubs and even learn about the next best steps to take to close deals faster.

It’s safe to say that the current state of sales has set the stage for seller action hubs to become an important part of revenue enablement. Here’s what that role will look like.

When It Comes to Sales Apps, Less Is More

How many times have you had an excellent call with a customer and been excited to follow-up only to be so overwhelmed by the painstaking process of logging in and out of your entire tech stack to grab individual pieces of information that you end up sending a simple “Thanks for your time!” email instead? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

Today, most companies have a stack of interconnected revenue applications. These tools cover sales enablement, conversation intelligence, revenue intelligence, revenue data, value driving, CRM, and more. Each one contributes essential information to the selling process. The problem is that each one also has its own separate log-in and takes up another 30 seconds of your day every time you have to switch back over to another app because you forgot to grab something else you needed there and… Well, you can see where this is going.

More apps mean more information. However, that information is not helpful when it’s not easily accessible and properly structured. Instead, a disconnected tech stack bogged down by unstructured data leads to toggle tax, or the mental burden that comes from swapping between platforms. And sure, all that switching around wastes valuable time. But the real issue is that it also makes your sellers burn out faster. It takes a cognitive toll on them, and sellers can’t afford to be wasting time or energy in such a competitive buying landscape.

The Case for Seller Action Hubs

Now, let’s imagine how the scenario we just discussed could look much different with a seller action hub. Rather than spending 30 minutes swiveling around to different apps and eventually giving up, sellers can simply log into one unified platform, compile all the information they need, and send a powerful follow-up email within just a few minutes of the call ending. They might even have further actions suggested to them within the hub that they hadn’t thought to take yet.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve continuously introduced more and more tools, tasks, and steps that are supposed to help reps sell better. But, in reality, these efforts have backfired, causing sales teams to spend less time actually selling and more time trying to navigate the new processes. Bogged down by disconnected apps, sellers are making quota less often, which seems to be a clear indication that more tools and tasks doesn’t necessarily lead to more benefits when it comes to sales tech.

Seller action hubs make the “more” manageable for sellers. They allow them to take advantage of the extra information offered to them by compiling it in one easy place and structuring the chaos. Reps can apply the time and energy they save while working within this one unified center to the actual selling process, going out and winning deals that otherwise might have slipped through the cracks.

If you’re interested and want to learn more about seller action hubs, contact Mediafly for a demo today!


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