The Pillars that Make for a Great Value Program: w Matt Denton (Senior Global Director for Inspire value at ServiceNow)

By Tom Pisello | September 2, 2021

The need for engaging, justifying and proving value with prospects and customers has never been higher, so what should you be doing to address this marketing, selling and success opportunity?

In this interview with Matt Denton, the Senior Global Director for Inspire Value at ServiceNow, we discuss the latest trends and best practices in value engineering and management, and what Matt recommends you do over the next 12 months to drive success.

He shared some thoughts and information regarding how the implementation and use of tools to improve Value can be exponential in improving success!

“Well, we always knew that we wanted to get involved earlier, so that we could start talking about the challenges that customers were having and not getting pulled in towards the end of the sales cycle where it just became a check- the-box generally TCO analysis. So, from our practice, we’ve done a lot to educate the sales teams to bring us in early. And we have a sales cycle basically when they’re doing discovery and trying to figure out a solution. We’ve done a great job educating them. They are pulling us in early. But I think also from the customer standpoint when you think about them being able to educate themselves that we’ve done a really good job putting out white papers, customer testimonials, and references, so that they can get educated on the value that they can get prior to engaging us as well.”

“There’s a whole value methodology here that is really everyone’s responsibility It’s not just falling on the shoulders of the value consultants anymore. It’s the account executives, the solution consultants, the services, the partners, marketing, etc…It all starts with envisioning value, which is really trying to figure out what is the value that the customer can get by doing the business case, strategic roadmap, to then doing that handoff to the person or the team that’s doing the implementation. So they understand why the customer bought. And if they’re gonna make any changes to that implementation, that’s going to have Impact to the value. Once they’ve implemented then we want to focus on validating value, so this is doing the value realization studies, and then moving into what we call champion. And that is around telling the customer’s story. Whether it’s public or private or if they want to use it internally, but showcasing the success that they’ve achieved.”

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Value is worth its weight in gold, peeps!

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