The End of B2B Sales as We Know it, and I Feel Fine! – w/Peter O’Neill

By Tom Pisello | June 26, 2020

Not long ago, I spoke with Peter O’Neill, Independent Consultant of his firm, MARCHNATA (formerly of Forrester). We discussed the history of sales enablement, and the death of B2B sales.

He had a wealth of knowledge to share on these subjects!

On the “Death of the B2B Salesmen“ via a report from 2015…

“In that report, we talked about the ‘order takers’ who were actually at a greater risk of being displaced than we had assumed before, because our latest research in 2017 showed that the B2B buyers were accelerating their shift of low consideration purchases to the online channel, you know.. commerce; online ordering. So, we had in the original report in 2015, a difference between B2B buyers finding online buying superior to buying from a sales rep. That was a margin of 53% to 17 at the time. And in the new report (2017) 2 years later, that margin grew to 68%…the margin was getting much higher.”

“Now, sales enablement is all about making sure the buyer has all the right information at their fingertips, is fully informed about the history, the relationship about what the buyer is looking for. What that buyer’s role is in the whole buying process. Either organizationally or in terms of the phase. So that the buyer/seller interaction is the most effective for both sides.”

To learn more, click the link to hear the full episode!

Death is not necessarily a demise!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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