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Six Marketing Trends that Matter Most in 2021

By Tom Pisello | March 14, 2021

Any marketer who tried to stick to the usual playbook ended up having a pretty rough time last year. Before it could really get started, 2020 promptly slapped them in the face — and threw away the old rule book in the process. But if you made it to 2021 intact, you know that surviving without a playbook is possible. With a little creativity and rule-breaking, anything can happen in 2021.

The folks at 60 Second Marketing pulled together advice from six thought leaders, including our own ROI Guy, Tom Pisello discussing the need in 2021 for Marketing and Sales Leaders Working More Closely Together.

Checkout the advice at: https://60secondmarketer.com/2021/03/11/6-marketing-trends-that-matter-most-in-2021/

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