Set, Go, Ready? Evolve to Modern Readiness to Change the Sales Training Game w/ Bryan Nass (Lessonly)

By Tom Pisello | August 4, 2020

Bryan Naas is the Director of Sales Enablement for learning management system company Lessonly, and a veteran of Salesforce, where he served as Director of Product Enablement and Readiness for the Marketing Cloud. In this episode, we discuss the challenges with legacy sales training approaches and why implementing a modern sales readiness is so critical for driving quota performance, improving forecast consistency and delivering sales success.

Bryan has three “rules of thumb” when focused on how we can make modern sales training more effective.

“How can we provide tools/resources and development opportunities that match the actual need that they (reps)have?”
Not everyone is the same, and a one size fits all approach does not work.

“Do I (the rep) have easy access to find the resources that I need to get to that next step?” Make the tools readily available to your reps.

We teach that you must provide value to sell and get a committed buyer, so as Sales Leaders, you need to gain the trust of your Reps, too! Make what WE offer valuable to them. Bryan says this is key!

Take a listen to the full episode here:

Know and value your worth, people!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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