Selling Your Sales Enablement Business Case

By Michael Seymour | October 25, 2017

In my recent webinar with Mediafly, I received queries on how to sell your sales enablement business case. This can be one of the biggest challenges as navigating through your organization and dealing with different personalities can make it a very complex process. Not sure how to sell your business case? Well, we got you covered!

Here are three tips that will help push your sales enablement business case through:

1. Lead with Vision

Vision is key to any successful sales job. You don’t expect your sales reps to lead with the details when they talk to prospects, and you should follow their lead. Lead with the vision. Answering thoughtful questions such as:

Furthermore, you should add statistics. People love numbers, so share key metrics in the business case and compare against actuals. It’s also important to tie your vision to company initiatives. Hopefully, your executive team has shared their strategic objectives with you. Often times they are listed in company financial disclosures if your company is public.

2. Keep It Simple

When selling a business case sometimes we complicate it and make it more complex than it needs to be. Generally, this is a mistake. You are the expert on sales enablement so use your knowledge to guide your boss and CEO. Making it too complicated will make selling the value more difficult.

However, it’s important to still have all the details in your back pocket. Keep your presentation to the salient top level points. Let them know that you have more details if they have more questions.

3. Pre-Sell All Parties

Pre-selling to all parties is imperative to selling your sales enablement business case. You have stakeholders you should identify for every step in your business case that you need to pre-sell. But what does it mean to pre-sell them?

The first step is to meet with them or their boss. Walk them through the business case, the assumptions, and reasoning behind certain decisions. Get their feedback. Make sure you incorporate your feedback into the business case and communicate that with all parties. People love to give feedback and have it make its way into the final product. Try to take a piece from everyone and incorporate into the final business case.

By utilizing these three steps, you attain more success in convincing stakeholders why the sales enablement solution you have put forth is the best choice.

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Michael is a sales and marketing strategist specializing in sales enablement, product marketing, and market research.

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