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Sales Performance: A Mindset for Success w/ Jason Lovelace (SPINS)

By Tom Pisello | April 28, 2020

In this episode, I interview Jason (Jay) Lovelace, Chief Commercial Office for SPINS, a wellness data technology provider to retailers and brands.

Listen as he shares valuable mantras and methods stemming from his performance mindset as a successful Chief Commercial Office / Revenue Officer and as Jay shares his mantras and methods.

“I wouldn’t pick any other career other than something that has to do with sales or revenue generation, and that’s because I want to control my own destiny. And the beauty of sales is that it’s never gray… Only black and white.”

“If you have a process that highlights differentiation, (and I truly look at sales as a differentiation type of a function) you can maximize your success, and the success just continues to happen the stronger and more efficient you get…”

“Hard work doesn’t always equate to success. It’s ‘How do I master my craft’, and I look at sales…if you think about professional athletes, they are constantly practicing. They are constantly refining their skills.”


Keep honing that craft, Guys! They say it takes about 1000 hours to master a skill…Practice, practice, practice!

Keep Evolving , EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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