On-Demand: Revive Your Content – How Unforgettable Design Impacts Seller Success

By Tom Pisello | November 8, 2021

Optimizing Sales, Content and Value Enablement for Sales Success

Having the right content can really make a huge difference in winning a deal or being an also-ran. This according to Sean Goldie, VP of Revenue Enablement and Strategy for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) leader 6sense, as we interviewed him at our annual EVOLVE 2021 community event.

Step 1: Value Enablement
6Senses journey to implement a more evolved selling approach began working with Mediafly a few years back, helping 6Sense better communicate and quantify the value of their ABM solutions to more frugal, risk averse prospects. Value enablement was a key priority. This led to the rollout of a customized ROI sales tool, to assure that every sales proposal included financial justification, and marketing calculator, and a self-service ROI calculator for the corporate web site letting 6sense prospects quickly tally the potential revenue improvements and optimization improvements that 6Sense could help deliver.

Step 2: Content Management and Sales Enablement
Second, 6sense needed to secure their presentations, after a competitive leak to new messaging and positioning was uncovered, as well as boosting their sales engagement capability and intelligence. Mediafly helped 6sense and Sean implement a sales content management platform. With the platform, the 6sense team could assure that key presentations and sales collateral were always up to date and secured. Sellers could more easily find, present and share content with buyers helping to differentiate and understand engagements better. And the Mediafly sales enablement platform definitely helped Sean and the team understand which content was most often used, most often shared and consumed by buyers, and what sales content ultimately “moved the needle” – helping to accelerate deals, boost win rates and deal size.

Step 3: Content Enablement
But the content, although well managed, was still pretty standard: your typical big linear PowerPoint decks and long form PDFs. As the next step in the evolved selling journey, 6sense wanted to do more, to modernize the customer engagement experience. This is where Sean had a strong vision: to make the content more dynamic and interactive, and turned to Mediafly to help him implement.

Sean collaborated with the Mediafly team to reimagine the 6sense main presentation deck, making it easier for sellers to understand buyer issues and quickly navigate / pivot to the right use cases, case studies and content with a quick point and click. To grab and hold attention Mediafly helped to implement better imagery and animation. While navigation menus, hot-sports and options were implemented to make a linear deck more hierarchical to empower dynamic, personalized storytelling, where the buyer and seller could “create their own journey”. And the team is taking that experience and modernizing vastly more of their sales content similarly.

Getting Your Sales, Content and Value Enablement Accelerated
With these initiatives, Sean had some pointed advice on how to get things right fastest and best. First, he says don’t wait until everything is perfect before you launch. Once you have minimal viability, get it out there. This way you can begin learning as quickly as possible, seeing what failed or succeeding best, and then iterating optimizations.

View the On-Demand session here: https://assets.mediafly.com/l/dUbtkJYHXNhF

Checkout the presentation here: https://assets.mediafly.com/l/pz9xtYZc6cpm

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