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No Decisions, No es Bueno

By Tom Pisello | March 11, 2021

As we look at Sales performance, despite the current economic uncertainty, many sellers have more opportunities than ever in their pipeline, not less. However, more opportunities are surprisingly not leading to more closed deals and revenue growth.

Although more buyers than ever are willing to engage in exploring potential solutions and your proposal, many sellers are struggling to get their deals across the finish line. And the competition, although as fierce as ever, is not the biggest stumbling block.

The biggest risk to your opportunities and pipeline is a loss to “No Decision”, this according to Gartner research. A substantial 94% of B2B buyers surveyed have experienced a cancelled purchase cycle, and almost 40% of all the buying journeys end in “No Decision”.

The top drivers for “No Decision” should come as no surprise, and speak to the effects of Frugalnomics, where buyers are much more cautious, risk averse and economic-focused.

Surveying over 1,000 buyers who were involved in a cancelled purchase, the top three reasons for this include:

From “No Decision” to “Yes”

As a seller, you need to be aware of the internal pressure on buyers and addressing their concerns proactively can get from “No Decision” to “Yes”.

Based on the top three priorities we suggest the following:

The Bottom Line

Through the crises, most pipelines are loaded with more opportunities, but more opportunities have not equated to more wins.

According to Gartner, too many opportunities are ending in “No Decision”. And although this shouldn’t come as a big surprise, with buyers more risk averse, cautious and economic-focused than ever before, it isn’t a healthy situation – “no es bueno”.

In order to get “No Decision” to “Yes”, just like you would with selling against a competitor, a good seller strategically plans and positions to counter the alternative choice. Against each of the top 3 “No Decision” reasons, this includes the best sellers proactively:


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