Mediafly Unveils New Enablement Capabilities at SAP Sapphire

By Mediafly | June 5, 2024

In today’s competitive B2B landscape, positioning sellers as trusted experts isn’t just desired by customers; it’s expected. Sellers must add value at every stage of the customer journey, tailoring every interaction to the needs of their audience.

As SAP Sapphire kicks off in Orlando today, followed by Barcelona next week, we’re excited to share that empowering sellers just got easier. Mediafly is extending our commitment to the SAP community by adding support for SAP Sales and Service Cloud Version 2. Mediafly now supports all versions of Sales and Service Cloud, meaning whether a customer is new to SAP Sales Cloud or transitioning from Version 1 to Version 2, they can access the full power of Mediafly without interruption.

Sebastine Augustine, Vice President & Head of Product Management, SAP Sales Cloud, said, “It’s incredible to see partners like Mediafly leverage our latest technology to deliver advancements that empower sellers to create deeper connections with customers and ultimately drive more value from the relationship. Mediafly has been a fantastic partner, and we’re excited to see them extend these capabilities to our new platform, continuing to enhance the customer experience.”

SAP Endorsed App Improves Rep Productivity & Outcomes

As the only SAP Endorsed App in this category, customers benefit from robust integration with SAP Sales Cloud and ongoing collaboration with the SAP team. Mediafly’s sales enablement solution has helped SAP customers save time, boost CRM adoption, and improve rep productivity over the past eight years. 

Sellers can quickly create dynamic, personalized presentations on the fly to stand out from the competition — leading to 66% more revenue and a 43% increase in deals.

Advancing AI-Powered Sales Applications

With in-person selling on the rise, especially in industries that rely on field sellers, many revenue teams are turning to Mediafly for branded sales applications integrated with SAP Sales Cloud. These AI-powered solutions:

John Heald, Global Vice President, Customer Experience Core CRM & Customer Data, SAP, said, “Mediafly’s AI-powered sales applications revolutionize the way sales reps engage with customers. By enabling real-time access to the right content and automating next steps, sellers can create deeper connections and drive more meaningful interactions. This integration with SAP Sales Cloud not only enhances efficiency but also empowers marketing teams to refine their content strategies based on detailed engagement analytics, leading to greater sales effectiveness.”

Unified Toolset for Enhanced Seller Enablement

Sales teams often struggle with scattered data and disjointed tech stacks. Mediafly offers a unified platform that integrates content management and data-driven insights, boosting CRM adoption by 300% or more. This ensures that:

See Mediafly In Action at Sapphire

Discover how Mediafly and SAP are transforming the sales experience. Visit our booth at the SAPPHIRE conference this week in Orlando and next week in Barcelona to see firsthand the power of our integrated solutions, including: 

Can’t make it to Sapphire? Request a demo to see how Mediafly and SAP are transforming sales engagements and driving exceptional customer experiences.


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