Mediafly Named to G2’s Best of Sales Software Products

By | February 20, 2024

G2 recently released their list of Best Software Products for 2024 and Mediafly was named one of the best Sales software platforms.

There are thousands of sales tech vendors on the market right now. Out of 3,942 total products in the sales software category, and 305 that were eligible for the 2024 Best Software Awards, we’re honored to be listed among the top 50. The vendors on these lists represent the best of the best and account for less than 1% of all the vendors on G2. We’re grateful to be rated so highly by customers.

Let’s explore exactly what customers have to say about Mediafly, the value they get from our platform and why G2 named us one of the best software platforms for revenue teams today.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Nearly 1,000 customers have rated Mediafly as five stars. Here are some of the top reasons why customers say Mediafly is an exceptional enablement tool that elevates efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams.

Customers are calming the chaos of sales content: centralizing all assets into a single location, making content easier for reps to find and share to better engage buyers.

“Mediafly provides us an organized way of delivering marketing materials to our sales force. They now have everything they need at the tip of their fingers! – Jacob G

“Mediafly has helped my team organize and safely share some of our most popular files and resources! In a company of thousands of associates, Mediafly enables us to share content across our enterprise, with internal associates, as well as with our external sales team.” – Verified user in Consumer Goods

“Mediafly easily categorizes and organizes all your documents! I also love that I am able to use the app on my phone to access documents when I’m away from my laptop.” – Michelle P

“[Mediafly allows us] to present and provide information to the customers from one single depository. It is efficient when you have limited time to present and provide information quickly. It saves time trying to find information in different folders. ” – Angelo S

“Being able to put all of a client’s documents in one place makes sharing so much easier. Rather than sending documents as attachments or sharing google links, they can just bookmark their mediafly workspace and come back to it again and again. This completely eliminates the issue of losing things in your inbox or having to resend something. Mediafly is giving my team a place to store and share all documents with our clients. Having a single link that we can send clients to over and over again makes things super easy and helps them learn the pattern of working with us. It’s a win-win on both sides. – Odessa W 

“I am able to access needed data points about my prospects to help personalize and engage contacts at the right time. Calling a prospect while they are reviewing content can be vital to ensure we are answering all of their questions. Mediafly is allowing me to send content and decks easily through links and being able to track when, where and who opens them, as well as being able to understand how much time they spend on each piece of content.” – Shelby H

“[Mediafly] let’s me know how engaged my customers are in the content I share with them. Great for follow up conversations.” – Verified User in Medical Devices

Operations leaders are transforming revenue data into actionable insights.

“It focuses on the things that are most important to sales leaders. Additionally, it gives us the ability to see the overall health of an opportunity quickly without a lot of research. We now have quick, easy access to the KPIs that are most important to us. It also keeps us from spending hours building reports in SFDC.” – Verified User in Computer Software

“Great tool for visualizing Salesforce data! We are using [Mediafly] as a dashboard for our sales analytics. This has been great in allowing us to take extensive data from Salesforce and consolidating it into an easy to understand dashboard for our sales teams. Territory sales managers have found this especially useful in seeing performance trends for their areas, while also being able to easily personalize their dashboards to fit their specific needs or desired metrics.”  – Andrew N

“A powerful tool that increases analytical efficiency and helps you delve deep into your GTM data. [Mediafly] has the largest suite of visualizations I have seen in a no-code analytical tool. It allows for massive amounts of customization. This tool has massively increased efficiency for my analytics org. Mediafly gives the most comprehensive look at every aspect of our Go To Market organization, from lead capture all the way to customer churn. We use Mediafly for all major KPI reporting for each rep, all of which rolls up to the C-Suite level, ensuring that our RevOps team is always aware of what reports are being used and who is using them. It has allowed us to increase team alignment because Mediafly allows for swift report creation and manipulation, ensuring that our small RevOps team can support every team without breaking our bandwidth. – Andrew M

In the wake of continued inflation and a still uncertain economy, revenue teams are articulating the value of their solutions, and doing so at scale.

“It’s a complete solution for ROI. I’ve been using it on a daily basis to create business cases. Mediafly supports our sales team to deliver a proposal that matches customer expectations” – Gustavo L

“It helps our organization solve the challenge of building business value assessment decks and helps store different sales-related documents in one consolidated repository. We just feed in the values and the assessment deck is generated which is great for presenting to our customers.” – Manoj S

“We are solving a critical need to scale our sales teams while increasing their productivity. Mediafly’s platform allows us to put value-selling into a box, making it easy for every salesperson to quantify our platform’s impact without having to engage our practitioner team, freeing them up for strategic, more complex opportunities.” – Doug M

Mediafly’s platform is flexible, customizable and intuitive – putting all the information you need at your fingertips.

“Great interface and very customizable! How easy it is to set up, upload, and manage an entire library of documents is great but the best thing is being able to manage your brand preferences and customize libraries however you need to.” – Johnny H

“The most helpful thing about Mediafly is how customizable the workspaces are. The content can be organized in an easy-to-use way with workspaces that look nice for sharing with customers.” – London B

“Mediafly makes my job easier. It is very user friendly. It allows for easy access to data, marketing, tools, and key information in an easy to navigate format. Mediafly has helped with ease of access to key information.” – Verified User in Wholesale

What Does This Honor Mean

G2’s Annual Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users. G2 scores products and vendors by accumulating reviews left by their community of users as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Scores are allocated based on user satisfaction and market presence.

The Future

A huge thanks to our customers who have partnered with us on their journey to predictable revenue and empowered selling. We’re so honored to be named to this list and remain dedicated to helping organizations to plan, predict, coach and engage at the highest levels.

Interested in being the next happy Mediafly customer to write a G2 review? Reach out for a demo today!

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