Marketers Perspective: Leveraging Content and Sales Enablement to Accelerate through the Turn: W/Shannon McNealy

By Tom Pisello | May 22, 2021

In this interview we connected with Shannon McNealy, a rare mix of creative artist and smooth operator, recently named the Senior Marketing Manager for the Schiele Group, one of the largest print companies in the Midwest, and former-marketing manager and sales enablement pro for Abcomrents, a leading trade show rental provider.

Shannon has worked for two different organizations in the past 12 months who have had to quickly adapt and pivot, and through this all, you learn a few things – about yourself, your capabilities and what it takes to survive and thrive.

On the importance of signage and color and print…

“We are running a lot of campaigns right now to put those ideas in front of people, because a lot of people do think that you know ‘print is dead’ But it’s actually not. And even other bigger companies that might have a different Shift. I mean this is kind of a very broad example, but With so many people being home, a lot more people are grocery shopping more and eating more, so things like food labels and things like that are something that we’ve now gone after that are going to be increasing, and possibly shopping around for a new printer. So, it’s always good to spark the ideas, and use that as a marketing concept, especially when you do have to pivot some of the other companies… because things like that aren’t happening live anymore.

So it’s definitely always good to inspire the idea and put your product right there, after.

On buyers looking to do more with less…

The nice thing about what we do is we can do things on a very large scale so that tends to bring pricing down. But other than that, I mean, we try to work as much as we can and we know that. {Buyers are looking to do more with less. We are finding value and shifting into other things. As I mentioned Compliance Graphics. We are able to help out where we can. We do a lot of donating to charities and schools….just doing what you can when you can in any sense, you know, if you can donate a little here little there And maybe charge another client a little more and things like that. I think it’s important to at least try if you can as everyone’s hurting right now.”

So, Print is alive and well, and giving back is cool, Peeps!

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