Lessons Learned Scaling a Value Selling Program – With Zach Rickenbach

By Tom Pisello | January 18, 2020

What do ultrarunning and value consulting have in common? In this episode, we interview Zach Rickenbach, a value consultant for identify and access management firm Okta, to learn how he and the Okta team scaled their value selling program to engage over 2,000 prospects and customers each year.

One of the most impactful insights he shared was the following:

“In Ultra running, there are a lot of hurdles. There’s going to be a lot of up and down-when you are running up and down for ten hours, (that’s longer than a workday) and you’re going to go from some emotional downs and points when you want to give up, to these amazing highs because you are on top of this beautiful mountain, or a beautiful glacier. How that transitions into my work at OKTA and the business value team is this: You know this is a new ‘motion’ for the staff business, so there are a lot of hurdles we are still overcoming. From an enablement standpoint, helping reps understand WHY value selling is important all the way to the business value side…What are the right calculations? How can we resonate this better with customers?

So it’s kind of these ups and downs I’m faced with from the {weekday} workplace to my weekend fun job of Ultra Running.”


Everything is connected in some way…
Onward and upward!
Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

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