Introducing the Evolved Selling™ Institute: Your #1 Resource For Sophisticated Sales Enablement

By Carson Conant | December 27, 2019

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I’m excited to announce the launch of the Evolved Selling Institute, a new resource dedicated to providing sales executives, sales enablement practitioners, content marketers, and value consultants with the tools, insights, and resources you need to successfully navigate your sales enablement journey. 

While most companies today recognize the importance of enabling their sellers with the tools and content required to lead consultative, engaging sales interactions, few successfully execute. I’ve seen countless buyers walk away from a sales enablement technology purchase, opting instead to “do nothing” because of how overwhelming the process of evaluating, implementing, and adopting sales enablement technology has become. Tired of seeing companies miss out on the opportunity to advance their businesses by way of increased efficiency, sales effectiveness, and ultimately, revenue, we acquired iPresent to help make sales enablement technology easier, less risky, and more affordable for companies of any size or digital maturity. 

But we know it’s not enough to just increase the accessibility of sales enablement technology. Only 34.4% of companies that use sales enablement meet their goals (CSO Insights). We also need to empower you with the knowledge to drive truly impactful sales enablement initiatives – to guide you on your journey and ensure you’re achieving the maximum return on your investment. So we created the Evolved Selling Institute to help us do just that.

Invaluable Resources for Your Sales Enablement Journey

Founded by myself and Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, Tom Pisello, the content developed for the Evolved Selling Institute serves to help you evolve your sales organization to better articulate your differentiating value, improve customer interactions, and uplevel sales performance. The idea for the institute was derived from Tom’s latest book Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics which provides companies with the consultative advice they need to progress through each phase of the sales enablement journey with ease. These phases include:

Traditional Selling 

This is where most companies are today – using large, linear PowerPoint decks, printed sales brochureware, and ineffective content management practices including email distribution and multiple content repositories. 

Enabled Selling 

In this phase, content and learning management systems are deployed to better organize, control, access and leverage existing sales content. And finally…

Evolved Selling

Only here can sellers deliver a truly differentiating customer experience supported by value articulation, dynamic multi-media presentations, interactive sales applications, optimized content, and robust analytics. 

“There are so many important challenges to share and lessons to learn from others’ experiences. We launched the Evolved Selling Institute to provide a platform to share the latest research and insights, deliver compelling podcast interviews, provide benchmarking and assessment tools, and most importantly, foster a community for all those with a true passion for sales enablement and value selling,” said Tom.

Guarantee Your Sales Enablement Initiatives Produce Results

We’ve already made it easy for all companies to get started with sales enablement technology, but now I’m thrilled we have a way to ensure those companies can successfully execute on their vision with proven methodologies and resources to support them along the way. Using the content we’ve produced for the Evolved Selling Institute – podcasts, guides, blog articles, and more – anyone, anywhere on their sales enablement journey can leverage strategic insights and advice to win more deals, drive more revenue, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Explore the Evolved Selling Institute for invaluable resources for your sales enablement journey today.

Carson Conant founded Mediafly in 2006 and has led the growth of its enterprise solutions that are being used by some of the world’s largest and most admired companies. Under his leadership, Mediafly has been ranked four consecutive times in Inc. Magazine’s “5000 Fastest Growing Companies” annual edition and awarded as one of the “Best Places to Work” in Inc Magazine’s 2017 rankings.

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