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What Sales Tools Do Sellers Really Need?

By Tom Pisello | September 5, 2020

The average number of sales tools used by reps has grown to 5, from CRM, online meeting tools, and signature solutions to more advanced sales enablement, learning management, and presentation technology. That is according to a new report from Smart Selling Tools.

But is it possible to have too many sales tools? And at what cost?

Two-thirds of respondents spend $150 or more per user/per month, a sharp increase from 2017’s survey, which had 66% spending less than $150 per rep. How do you ensure you are making technology investments where your reps will see the greatest impact?

Sales Enablement Technology is the Most Valued Sales Tool

According to the report, over any other tool, sellers see the most value and satisfaction from investments in sales enablement technology. 

While sales enablement, defined in the report as “finding and delivering sales materials that are highly relevant to each unique prospect based on industry, stage in the sales process, or other unique characteristics”, can be leveraged by reps across the sales cycle, the report indicates it is especially valuable to reps working middle of the funnel sales opportunities.

In fact, sales enablement technology saw the highest bump in middle of the funnel usage from 2017 to 2019, growing 567% from 6% of sales reps to 40%.

Read the full SalesTech Benchmark Survey Report from Smart Selling Tools.

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