Evolving From Salesperson to a Purveyor of Hope w/ Anita Nielsen (LDK Advisory)

By Tom Pisello | January 25, 2021

In this interview with #1 LinkedIn sales expert, author and consultant Anita Nielsen, we explored many things, including the neuroscience of decision making in today’s post-crisis world and specific strategies sellers and sales enablement can take to leverage the current conditions and accelerate success.

Here are some of her thoughts regarding the effects of change due to the pandemic…

“I could probably give you an answer on numbers and prospecting and all that, but I’ll give you what I think is where the rubber hits the road…

Right now, as customers people are in this mindset of scarcity. Right? There’s overwhelm. They are emotionally flooded. What’s going on in the outside world Is impacting every single person to some degree and some level. For example, someone who may have been in the process of making a positive buying decision in a sellers favor, now that this has all happened Now they’ve got a whole new layer of fears, anxieties, this idea of ‘let me hold onto my money’, So even if they maybe saw the value before now they’re going to second guess. Because they’re thinking should I save it for a rainy day? The company is laying off people if I make this decision and it doesn’t work will I lose my job? So, we are very much dealing with buyers who are flooded. And so, you know in neuroscience when your Subconscious and that lizard brain It’s overwhelmed and flooded it’s very hard to make good rational Decisions or even see All the things that logically would lead you to make a good buying decision. So, one of the most important things I try to coach sellers right now is Learn your customer learn what those anxieties are, and those fears are and as much as you can without getting creepy. Then figure out a way that you can message your products value in terms of there is safety around it.

I called a need for Purveyors of Hope right now. And I believe that sales professionals, they have to find a way to give their clients hope in terms of how they’re going to move forward and how they’re going to be successful as we transition away from what’s going on today. And as that evolves. And the most important message there is that ‘I am a sales professional who gets it. And I know how to help you navigate that. Trust in me and I will help you be safe.’ That will sell to the individual much more than any futures and benefits… Well, especially right now.”

Check out the full episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5twjTROGyIfLessv0wry3D

Always remain hopeful, Peeps!

Keep Evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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