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EVOLVERs Spotlight – VMware Cloud on Dell TCO Calculator

By Tom Pisello | May 11, 2021

How much could you potentially save in moving your current environment to VMware Cloud running on Dell?

How do you help customers understand the potential cost implications and savings from various hosting choices?

Mediafly worked with VMware and Dell to create a TCO Calculator to help. Prospects can self assess TCO savings and improvements in ten minutes or less using this on-line assessment tool.

Leveraging this TCO Calculator, a prospect can enter their current site environment, and understand quickly what recommended solution, potential savings and value benefits can be had by upgrading to a VMware / Dell environment.

To help make the results more credible, Mediafly provided 3rd party cost and performance metrics and data to deliver proper analysis results and provide interactive what-if analysis capabilities to test various scenarios and configurations.

VMware leverages the TCO Calculator tool in outreach marketing campaigns, lead nurturing and virtual consultative engagements.

Checkout the tool for yourself here:

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