EVOLVERs Spotlight: Unum HR Connect Value Calculator

By Tom Pisello | May 11, 2021

Unum provides comprehensive insurance products to industries of all sizes, including providing disability insurance, life insurance, compliance and more.

Unum has an integration with Workday to provide faster, simpler and more accurate ways to administer employee benefits. The Unum sales and marketing teams wanted to make it easier for prospects to understand the potential benefits of Unum benefits administered with Workday HCM through this integration, HR Connect. And they wanted to help brokers migrate from discussing features to talking business savings and value improvements.

Unum worked with Mediafly to develop and deliver an interactive value calculator. The tool allows an Unum broker to collaboratively work with a potential buyer. within 10 minutes or less, to get a personalized assessment, quantifying the value of reduced errors associated with automating manual processes and improve HR productivity, while getting more from their Workday investment.

The interactive value calculator is used for fueling personalized interactive engagements, value-added outreach, nurturing and justification.

Checkout the tool for yourself here: https://unum.valuestoryapp.com/HRConnect/Workday_sales

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