EVOLVERS Spotlight: Safeguard Global Fluency Assessment

By Tom Pisello | August 13, 2020

Safeguard Global, a provider of workforce management data, technologies, services and local market expertise, were seeking a way to engage customers and prospects in a more consultative manner. What better way than through an interactive assessment?

Global Fluency is a framework for multinational firms, created by Safeguard Global to measure their ability to secure and maintain a competitive advantage in the global market. Mediafly worked with Safeguard, as part of a multidimensional value marketing and selling program, to take the Global Fluency framework and turn it into an interactive assessment tool. Measuring across the dimensions of Intellect, Acumen and Agility, a prospect or customer can use the interactive diagnostic assessment tool to assess their current capabilities, identify potential shortfalls to address, and obtain a roadmap for improvement.

Safeguard Global is leveraging the assessment to better engage more effectively and at higher-levels with more prospects, and assess existing customers for add-on advice and solutions. The tool is used to fuel marketing campaigns, BDR outreach and value-added sales engagements.

Checkout the Global Fluency Assessment yourself –

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