Evolvers Spotlight: Ping Identity Business Value Assessment

By Tom Pisello | January 5, 2022

Scaling the communication and quantification of security business value throughout the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle

Ping Identity wanted to improve their ability to communicate and quantify the value of it’s identity and access management solutions – not just pre-sales, but in marketing outreach as well as most importantly, post-sale for renewals and expansions.

Ping partnered with Mediafly, helping to convert some pre-sales spreadsheets into a complete suite of marketing, selling and customer success value storytelling and business value assessment tools.

Developing and launching the pre-sales tool first, the modest business value consulting team was able to scale business value engagements into most deals, leveraging sellers and partners to do rapid / basic assessments, and automating all value engagements and presentation development and delivery.

Once that was completed, the team launched a distilled set of tools for customer self-service on the Ping website, helping to fuel outreach campaigns, as well as arming customer success and account managers with tools to quantify Realized ROI to assure renewals and fuel expansion discussions.

Checkout an overview of the efforts in this interview of Vikas Mundata from Ping Identity here:
On Demand: If it Don’t Make Dollars, It Don’t Make Sense – https://www.mediafly.com/evolved-selling-community-blog/if-it-dont-make-dollars-it-dont-make-sense/

And checkout the marketing version of the tools for yourself here, selecting one of the two Calculate you Value tools – https://www.pingidentity.com/en/lp/business-value-assessment.html

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