EVOLVERS Spotlight: Lenovo Server TCO Tool

By Tom Pisello | October 9, 2020

When it comes time to upgrade and consolidate servers and workloads, it is often difficult for customers to understand that current servers might actually be costing more in total costs than modern replacement upgrades.

Lenovo wanted a way for customers to assess how consolidating current workloads with new Lenovo servers could help reduce costs, and pay for the upgrade quickly.

Mediafly, leveraging a proprietary and extensive database of server and data center costs and performance, helped Lenovo deliver this tool to customers, with a more advanced version for sales / specialist use.

The tool helps guide the analysis of current legacy server total cost of ownership (TCO) costs, and configure and tally the investment and TCO of consolidated modern Lenovo servers. And not just at a high level. This tool is technical and detailed enough to pass CIO / CFO scrutiny, as it guides configurations and cost calculations.

The Lenovo cost advantages are clearly shown, and users can adjust assumptions to completely review, vet and personalize the results, delivered on-line and in a comprehensive consolidation assessment report.

Checkout the tool for yourself at: https://lenovo.valuestoryapp.com/serverTCO/

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