EVOLVERS Spotlight: HPE Aruba NaaS Value Creation Calculator

By Tom Pisello | July 21, 2020

HPE Aruba wanted to help prospects quickly and easily understand the potential savings and business value they could achieve leveraging HPE Aruba’s NaaS (network as a service) solutions to help address the challenges of a work from home / new remote workforce.

HPE Aruba worked with Mediafly to create the Value Creation calculator, a self-service on-line tool used by prospects to assess their current costs and potential savings and business benefits potential of HPE Aruba NaaS solutions. Leveraging the tool, potential customers enter a little information about their current network and workforce, to obtain a personalized assessment analysis and downloadable report.

The interactive Value Creation tool is used to fuel reach out campaigns to prospects, helping to clearly and credibly communicate and quantify potential value to prospects.


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