EVOLVERS Spotlight: FedEx Office & Parcel Operational Peer Comparison

By Tom Pisello | September 28, 2020

FedEx wanted to provide their customers with a quick and easy way to assess their current print and parcel operations, in order to identify potential improvements and guide them to the right FedEx Office solutions.

Customers can access the tool from FedEx’s Office and Parcel website. Entering a few data points, the tool displays and provides an analysis report to score the challenges in the customer’s business printing and parcel management operations, compare them to the customer to peers, and provide ideas on how the customer can save money and streamline processes with FedEx Office and Parcel solutions.

The assessment tool is used to fuel outreach campaigns and provide consultative diagnosis and prescription, providing an enticing asset and a value-add to customers who want to do more with less through the crisis and recovery.

Click here to check-out the tool –

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