EVOLVERS Spotlight – CommVault Software-Defined Storage Assessment

By Tom Pisello | August 15, 2020

Commvault helps customers around the world resolve a range of data-center, storage infrastructure and management issues. In order to more effectively market and sell these solutions, Commvault needed to become more consultative: to help prospects and customers understand their current challenges and advise on the savings and business value of potential improvements.

To automate this, CommVault worked with Mediafly to create a Software-Defined Storage Assessment. Available from Commvault’s web site, the interactive tool is used to better connect and engage with prospects, not around a specific solution, but by helping the prospect assess potential issues, benchmark opportunities and estimate the business value of potential improvements. CommVault BDRs and sellers also leverage the interactive business value assessment tool with prospects and customers, to help “ditch the pitch” and pivot to a more consultative value selling approach.

Checkout the value assessment tool here:

Checkout additional business value assessment calculators CommVault leverages to better discovery, communicate and quantify business value with prospects here: https://www.commvault.com/value-calculators.

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