EVOLVERS Spotlight: 8×8 ROI Calculator

By Tom Pisello | September 10, 2020

Modern telecommunication and call center solutions are essential to organizations, especially with work from home through the crisis and flexible work requirements going forward. However the solutions space is competitive, with many different options and providers.

How do you connect with buyers on their changing priorities and challenges?
How do you differentiate when so many of the solutions sound alike?

To help on both fronts, 8×8 partnered with Mediafly (originally Alinean) some time ago, to create and deliver an interactive on-line ROI calculator, to help buyers understand the potential business value benefits from upgrading legacy telecommunication and call center solutions.

With the calculator,

  • Buyers can quickly assess their challenges, cost of “do nothing” with the legacy approach, and the TCO savings / business value 8×8 can uniquely provide.
  • 8×8 advanced their sales and marketing approach, evolving from a product-centric pitch to a differentiating value-first approach, helping buyers understand the potential value early, and providing quantified ROI financial justification to gain buyer committee consensus and approval.

8×8 leverages the calculator:

  • for marketing outreach campaigns to prospects and accounts
  • as a landing page for on-line advertising
  • as an interactive tool for BDRs and sellers to consultatively engage with prospects on value

Checkout the calculator for yourself at: https://8×8.valuestoryapp.com/8×8/roicalculator

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