EVOLVERS Spotlight: 6sense Value Assessment (6VA)

By Tom Pisello | August 25, 2020

Account based marketing (ABM) is a very important technology, for buyers to leverage in order to focus precious marketing and sales resource on ideal accounts that are “in the market”, showing an affinity and need for your solutions. ABM is creating a new way to think about, prioritize and optimize funnel performance.

This is also a competitive marketplace, with several hot companies vying to elevate and dominate the market.

Well respected CMO Latane Conant and the sales and marketing leadership at 6sense recognized that articulating the unique value of the 6VA solution throughout the buyer’s journey was critical to success.

6sense commissioned Forrester TEI research to understand the value dimensions being realized by prospects, and then collaborated with Mediafly to embody business value communication and quantification into interactive tools, leveraged by sellers in consultative engagements to perform value discovery and develop business cases to provide financial justification to ever more frugal buyers.

As well, a simpler self-service marketing version was developed and delivered via 6sense.com, to help prospects understand how to rethink the funnel, de-risk lead generation and drive incremental revenue opportunities.

Checkout the self-service version yourself at:

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