Dave Brock on the toughest and most important job in sales: Being a leader on the front lines…

By Tom Pisello | February 24, 2020

After being in the biz and around the block at IBM, Tektronix, and writing a book, you learn a thing or two!

Dave Brock, founder and CEO of Partners In EXCELLENCE, had some simple yet rock-solid advice for the new sales generation…

“I would tend to say where I got into the greatest trouble and got into the biggest difficulties was when I let my arrogance around how experienced and how successful I was kind of cloud being prepared, being engaged, and having a good conversation with the customer. And the customer would always get you. It is hugely humbling…”

“One piece of advice is regardless of how many years you have and how much experience you have, you’ve gotta do the homework, and you have to be REALLY present and engaged. If you do that, you can create successful outcomes…”

To hear more, check out the full podcast here:


Age before beauty, people, and please…
Leave your EGO at the door.

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!
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