Boost Sales Reps’ Effectiveness By Moving Sales Engagements from Pitch to Purpose

By Tom Pisello | November 8, 2019

It doesn’t take long to find frustrated buyers, with a serious case of marketing overload and vendor fatigue.

A recent research report from Gartner indicates just how much prospects are struggling with buyer journey friction. They currently spend two-thirds of their time gathering, processing, and de-conflicting information and ultimately, trying to figure out where their business problems and your solution fit into a tornado of marketing messaging. And as a result, way too many purchase cycles are ending in “no decision”.

With this overload, sellers are challenged getting prospects’ attention and getting buyers to purchase. But with this challenge comes an amazing opportunity for your sellers to shine: To help proactively help overloaded buyers navigate a more complex decision process, gain consensus and deliver real business value impact.

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