A Template for 2021: The World Class Virtual Selling Organization: With Alice Heiman

By Tom Pisello | June 18, 2021

Virtual selling is here to stay, it is certainly not new, and there is no excuse for poor virtual engagements any longer.

This according to my interview with Alice Heiman, one of the most experienced sales consultants and readiness professionals.

In fact, according to Alice, the winners in 2021 and beyond will be those organizations that not only embrace virtual, but strive to build a world class virtual selling organization.

So how do you get virtual selling right, and what is world class all about?

“Really what I think we need today are sellers with very good selling skills. And a lot of our sellers don’t have those basics, don’t have those good selling skills. And it’s like we are shining this huge Beam of light, and it is uncovering all of this Sort of mediocre selling, and it isn’t working, right? So sometimes we can cover for our mediocre selling By taking people to dinners, or golf, or on trips, or doing other kinds of things with them to develop a relationship and then our mediocre selling skills didn’t matter as much because we had that one on one in person or with-a-group time to do fun things together and to get to know each other.

And that kind of made up a little for our lack of selling skills. But we don’t have any of that anymore. And now we just need good selling skills, and that means we have to, number one, talk to the buyers in a way that helps them understand primarily what their problem is so we can help them solve it. And we have to keep it simple. You are 100% right there. We also have to pave the path, you know, show them the way. A lot of people talk about MAPS. Mutual action plans. I think those are more important than ever right now. Because what we want to say is, “I see your problem, I understand it, let me give you some insight into it, let’s talk about some ways you could solve it. Let’s choose the best way to solve it, and if that choice is me, let me explain to you how that’s going to happen step by step.”

On how things have changed…

“The world is changing, and it’s going to continue to change. So, right now we have to be agile, we have to adapt. We have to have a mindset that looks forward and allows us to see maybe a little bit of what’s coming and change with that.”

Check out the full interview to get Alice’s incredible insights here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6ZCndPoU4hPpi1Uk5slwMX

Change is good peeps! Roll with the punches and keep EVOLVING.

Keep evolving EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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