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Bereit Machen: Mediafly is Partnering with Salesforce at CeBIT 2017!


BY LOU BARREIRO  @lou_barreiro

Fasten your seatbelts! With more than 200,000 participants, CeBIT 2017 will be taking over Hannover, Germany next week in what is considered to be one of the biggest digital transformation events in the world. At CeBIT attendees will be able to learn about the latest trends in digital transformation and how it can impact their business.

The five-day event will hold sessions on a wide variety of topics that range from big data and business intelligence, to virtual and augmented reality. Mediafly will be partnering with Salesforce to give attendees an opportunity to learn how Evolved Selling™ can become a key component to an organization’s digital transformation initiatives. The conference takes place from March 20 – 24 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds.

Mediafly’s CEO, Carson Conant, and EVP of Global Alliances, Tony Kavadas, will be representing Mediafly in Hall 9, Booth 110 at the event. Here are some things that they are looking forward to:


Carson Conant, CEO

“CeBIT is an event dedicated to digital businesses — and as I see it, every business today is digital. Every business needs to be leveraging the breakout technologies and techniques on display at CeBIT to stay competitive. I’m personally excited about seeing the latest in mobile, computing, virtual, and augmented reality. These technologies will be game changing as they work their way from gaming and niche industries into the mainstream.

I’m also excited to see how the companies are selling at CeBIT. As the CEO of Mediafly, we are relentlessly pursuing how to bring meetings to life and create a world where people like being sold to and look forward to the next sales interaction because it adds value. I’m also interested to see how many companies are selling in the “evolved” stage. I will definitely be tweeting and talking about those that are pushing the envelope and delivering insightful interactive demos and presentations.”


Tony Kavadas, EVP of Global Alliances

“I always look forward to CeBIT as it is considered to be one of the most important global events in the digital world. The event will give us the opportunity to both learn and share the successes our Fortune 200 clients are having using the latest Evolved Selling™ techniques. In fact, two out of three companies who utilize Evolved Selling™ report year-over-year growth in excess of 10%.

Another area that I will spend some time focusing on at the event is artificial intelligence (AI). With major brands, the bond between marketing and sales remains one of the most highly valued assets. Being able to learn more about how AI can improve that bond and how managers collaborate between these two groups, will be extremely valuable information that we can utilize with our customers.”


Attending CeBIT? Then make sure to meet Carson and Tony in Hall 9, Booth 110.


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