Mediafly Offers Global Fortune 500 Brand a Competitive Edge

Financial Industry Client

The Challenge

A global Fortune 500 financial institution needed to improve its sales processes and marketing operations across the company in order to grow revenue. The company’s asset management business unit, in particular, relied on frequent, changing market regulations to sell its financial products. This brought up questions regarding how the company could securely and efficiently distribute information.

The Solution

The company incorporated the use of Mediafly’s sales enablement platform into its existing content creation workflow to reduce administrative overhead. Integrations with several existing business systems empowered agents and advisors with a built-in suite for creating attractive, impactful, and value-driven sales presentations.

QuoteMarks “During our long evaluation of solutions, it became apparent Mediafly was the only company that gives us the ability to deliver dynamic, interactive selling stories.”

Global Financial Institution Client

The Result

Using the Mediafly platform, the company can deliver personalized insights to customers in every meeting, enabling them to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Content is updated multiple times each day, ensuring the agents and advisors are always equipped with the most recent and relevant information. Managing and distributing content from the Mediafly platform eliminates the risk of competitors getting their hands on printed collateral left behind. The company has also greatly reduced their printing spend, which aligns with their corporate green initiatives.