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Morrison Healthcare Turns Information Overload into Cross-Team Engagement with Mediafly


Morrison Healthcare | Georgia | 600,000+ employees

By using Mediafly, Morrison Healthcare discovered a new and innovative way to share content across its internal teams.

The Challenge

With more than 600,000 employees ranging from registered dieticians to executive chefs to professional food service team members, Morrison Healthcare supplies more than 585 hospitals and integrated healthcare systems throughout the United States with great tasting, healthy food. Although the company had a fully comprehensive intranet site, it still struggled with internal communication across its widespread team. Accessibility also presented a challenge, with users required to log in via VPN to access the information. This can be a long-winded process on mobile devices and often impossible in medical facilities with strict security regulations and limited access to WiFi.

Morrison Healthcare needed a solution that would provide:

• A new and innovative way to share content across its internal teams using one portal

• An accessible platform to simplify the information and make it more consumable for users

• An easy way of updating materials and distributing those updates

The Solution

Mediafly’s sales enablement platform empowers salespeople with:

Beautiful mobile sales presentation apps, able to deliver anywhere, any time

True content management - easy navigation and always up-to-date

Analytics and feedback, enabling the creation of data-driven content

Using Mediafly, Morrison Healthcare can:

• Control the branding, messaging and release schedule of content for the whole organization

• Bypass the headache of a lengthy evaluation and selection process and begin building an intuitive application

• Segment its content into different categories for various specific business functions

Keeping it simple is key. The better we communicate station set-ups, menu signage, and expectations, etc., the easier day-to-day operations become for our users. Using this application is ultimately driving revenue, customer satisfaction, and even turnover in certain aspects of our business.

Gina Groome, Quality Assurance Manager at Morrison Healthcare

The Results

Since launching on Mediafly, Morrison Healthcare has seen impressive results including:



Boosted user engagement


Optimized content created from insights


More engaging user experiences

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