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Lenovo Server TCO Calculator

Quantifying the TCO advantages of Lenovo Servers

Data center managers and executives need a good reason to upgrade their legacy servers. Just because a new model is introduced, doesn’t mean it always makes sense to upgrade.

Lenovo needed an easy and credible way for IT leaders to assess their legacy servers and determine whether an upgrade to the latest servers from Lenovo made fiscal sense. Are there enough TCO savings and additional business benefits to justify the investment?


Lenovo turned to Mediafly to develop a new Server TCO Calculator for its latest generation of services.

The goal was to deliver customized reports describing the benefits of server refresh with Lenovo.

The Goal:

  • Create a tool that uses an integrated database of over 3,000 servers, cost and research to quickly analyze different metrics for a customized assessment

The Solution:

  • Lenovo Server TCO Calculator allows IT leaders to enter data about their existing solution and receives a 10+ page personalized report evaluating the potential cost savings and business value of replacing aging technology with Lenovo server systems

The Results:

  • Sales reps using the calculator for sales engagements evolve the conversation from features and price to TCO savings and value

Checkout the Lenovo Server TCO Calculator for yourself:

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