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Thursday Thoughts: Best Sales Pitches in Movies – The Pursuit of Happyness

In our previous Thursday Thoughts, many of the clips selected were from movies that were either humorous or just over the top. This week, we will be featuring a movie that is based on a true story and provides inspiration on never giving up and always putting your best foot forward.  

That being said, Mediafly’s very own Tony Panega, Business Development Specialist, picked The Pursuit of Happyness for his top pick of “best sales pitches in movies.” Unlike previous selections, this one is based on a true story will hit close to home for many in the sales world.

Below Tony talks about why he made this selection:

What I love about this clip is how it resonates with me in the work I do every day. Having to cold call through a list of leads or prospects isn’t something that gets most people out of bed, but for sales reps, it’s a part of us! Will Smith’s character, Christopher Gardner, shows you in this clip how dedication and persistence can lead you to the promised land, but that doesn’t mean overdoing it where you limit your water intake and land yourself in the hospital. It’s more about having a plan in place and understanding who you are talking to. When you dedicate yourself to really learn what people care about, stay relevant, listen (like actually listen), and are always positive, you will score that meeting!

Watch Tony’s selection here:


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