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Thursday Thoughts: Best Sales Pitches in Movies – Iron Man

We are flying high for this week’s edition of Thursday Thoughts. While you don’t have to be a superhero when it comes to sales, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two from one.

Last week, we took a more serious tone with our Boiler Room pick. This week, Ryan Hanrahan, Business Development Specialist, picked the action-packed Iron Man for his pick of best sales pitches in movies.

Here are some the reasons behind his selection:

“Tony Stark’s pitch can be interpreted as a little cheesy and ‘salesy,’ but for me it’s perfect. The biggest takeaway is how it makes you feel once he’s done talking. There’s a sense of anticipation, excitement, even curiosity, which is incredibly important in sales. You want your prospect to be excited to learn and hear about what your product can do for them. If you can’t do this, odds are they won’t even show up to your meeting. And if they do, they’ll be doing all sorts of other things while you’re going through your demo.

Plus, the mini bar thrown in at the end doesn’t hurt either!”


Check out the clip below:


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