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Thursday Thoughts: Best Sales Pitches in Movies – Boiler Room

Last week in our Thursday Thoughts series we looked at a comedic sales pitch from the movie Tommy Boy, that might not teach you much about sales, but definitely will give you a good chuckle. This week Director of Business Development, James Hemberg, picked his favorite sales pitch from the movie Boiler Room.

Here are some of the reasons behind his selection:

“What makes this scene one of my favorites is the line, ‘if you guys want to close me, you have to sell me.’ That line resonates with me and my team on the work we do every day. It might seem obvious to most salespeople, but there is a deeper meaning to that line because most just think of selling as being an input and output. If you’re not tailoring your pitch to an individual’s needs and creating a personal value proposition, then you shouldn’t even bother calling them in the first place.”

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Thursday Thoughts: Best Sales Pitches in Movies – Tommy Boy


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