iOS 8: Is It OK to Upgrade?

By Lou Barreiro | September 25, 2014

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ios 8

On September 17th, Apple released iOS 8 to the public, with its usage reportedly reaching 46% percent in just one week. Unlike iOS 7, iOS 8 brings many “under the hood” improvements to your devices’ usability, but doesn’t have any substantial user-facing changes. Prior to, and since the official launch date, we’ve been testing Mediafly solution apps on iOS 8 and have found no major issues with the new operating system. As with any upgrade, we uncovered some bugs and are actively working on resolving them. This is all good news so feel free to upgrade to iOS 8!

What Are the Known Bugs?

There is a bug related to the Annotations feature when viewing videos. If your users do not use Annotations, feel free to approve iOS 8 for Mediafly apps. If your users do use Annotations, please do not yet recommend iOS 8 until we provide further notice. We’re working on completing the current version under iOS 8. Once we fix a few remaining bugs, we will prepare a new update and keep you posted!

We continue to innovation the Mediafly platform. Below is a summary of enhancements that have recently gone live.

Summary of Enhancements

How do you feel about iOS 8? Are there make or break features that make the shift from iOS7 worth it?

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