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By selecting iPresent, Nancy Nardin choses another Mediafly sales tool as her Recommended Tool of the Week

With iPresent you can leverage the digital assets you already have, ensure that they are always up-to-date, protected from alteration by salespeople and at the same time, give them incredible flexibility to find, customize, and deliver relevant, impactful presentations, share them with prospects easily, and know when the prospect is engaged.   

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Sales Enablement For All

Enabling salespeople to provide a better buying experience for their prospects. Check out Nancy Nardin's video to learn why she chose Mediafly as her Smart Selling Tools Recommended Tool of the Week.

The all-in-one sales enablement platform

Giving sellers and marketers a simple and effective way to create, deliver, and analyze
engaging sales presentations all from one intuitive sales application.


Build on-brand presentations


1. Create



Upload content easily via our CMS for a dynamic experience

Allow instant content access


2. Distribute



Give easy access to the lastest customizable content

Captivate your audience


3. Present



Impress with beautiful, interactive content on any device

Identify what content works


4. Report



Analyze performance with in-depth analytics & reporting

Optimize & close more deals


5. Improve



Use data to improve collateral for better customer engagement

With Mediafly, communicating the financial value of beer and MillerCoors brands to their customers was easier and more effective than previous methods.

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