Introducing Mediafly success profiles: Talent intelligence for B2B sales teams

Hire, develop, and retain high-performing sales reps.

Mediafly has acquired Aptology to bring behavioral analytics to the Revenue360 platform. Get a complete view into how top candidates’ behaviors fit with the role, team, and culture — and ultimately how they will perform.

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Remove bias and gain objective insights into the behaviors that
drive positive sales outcomes

Benefits of talent intelligence

Hire smarter

Use behavioral surveys to determine the core behavioral competencies of individual employees and assign them roles that best fit their behavioral profile to drive more productivity.

Onboard faster

Easily spot strengths and skill gaps and harness the information to create training programs, customize development, and identify high-potential employees for critical roles.

Win more

Align rep behavior to
the behavioral requirements
of today’s complex digital
selling environment to
drive more revenue.

Use behavior to improve sales performance

Mediafly Success Profiles, now part of Mediafly Coach360, offer revenue teams the behavioral data they need to make critical hiring, development, and mobility decisions.

  • Recruit the best for the job with practical insights into how a candidate will behave in a particular situation, even before they’re faced with it. 
  • Identify training and development needs based on objective performance data
  • Find the right leaders by understanding employees’ big-picture thinking, team spirit, work delegation, and conflict management
  • Improve sales performance by aligning sales rep behavior with the behavioral requirements of today’s difficult selling environment

Aptology clients include:

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