Use revenue intelligence to drive deal confidence

How accurate is your sales forecast?
You need Revenue360 to see the whole story.

Combine content engagement, buyer intent, and sales activity data for a 360-degree view of opportunity and account health in one visual dashboard.

Gartner Inc. predicts by 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model.

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What makes revenue intelligence from Mediafly different?

Capture buyer engagement outside the sales meeting for a holistic view of your sales pipeline.

Robust multichannel content engagement data effortlessly captured via automation and machine learning

Deep integrations with your sales tech stack break down siloes between content engagement, buyer intent, and sales activity data

360-degree view of the customer journey drives a healthier sales pipeline and more accurate forecasting


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Remove silos and turn your sales process into a predictable revenue engine.

All critical sales and content data in one visual interface

Mediafly’s Revenue360 solution combines content engagement, customer intent, and sales activity data in one place so you can accurately forecast what deals will close and replicate wins with prescriptive recommendations.

Benefits of Revenue360, revenue intelligence from Mediafly

Sales organizations that use revenue intelligence:


Streamline Data

Capture & analyze customer data beyond the sales meeting & visualize it in one easy to understand interface


Forecast Accurately

Track content engagement, buyer intent, and sales activity in one dashboard for a 360-degree view of deal health


Replicate Sales Wins

Identify patterns in buyer behavior and content proven to drive revenue to replicate deal wins

Is your business’s full value being seen and understood by customers and prospects?

Communicating “value” is often cited as the biggest barrier to achieving sales growth goals, meaning the customers’ perceived value of your product or service is far lower that the reality.

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