Revenue360 FAQ

Mediafly is pleased to announce the release of Revenue360, a unique revenue intelligence solution that marries sales activity, buyer intent, and content engagement data in a single dashboard for a 360-degree view of deal and account health.

Mediafly is the first sales enablement solution with revenue intelligence capabilities. At the forefront of sales tech innovation, Mediafly continues to set the bar for how Enterprise companies should enable revenue teams to be effective in an increasingly digital and more challenging B2B selling environment.

What is revenue intelligence?

According to Forrester, revenue intelligence solutions capture human engagement activity between buyers and sellers and automatically upload that data to CRM platforms. The AI engine analyzes the data to deliver insights, provide dynamic guidance, and supply inputs on deal management, forecasting, and other revenue-generating activities.

Why is Mediafly adding revenue intelligence capabilities to its best-in-class sales enablement solution?

In a digital selling environment where buyers are doing more self-education in a variety of channels, sales organizations can no longer rely solely on what happens in the sales meeting to accurately gauge deal health. While many of the revenue intelligence solutions in the market analyze important customer data points from sales activities and buyer intent, they fail to measure a crucial indicator of the overall health of a deal - multichannel content engagement.

Today, understanding how buyers engage with content outside the sales meeting (e.g. on your website, sent by sales reps as a follow-up, etc.) is critical to understanding how likely it is that a deal will close.

With the most robust content analytics capabilities in the market and deep integrations with popular sales technologies, Mediafly combines content engagement, buyer intent, and sales activity insights for a comprehensive view of deal and account health. This is something every revenue team needs and no other provider can currently offer.

What differentiates Mediafly’s revenue intelligence solution from others in the market?

In today’s challenging selling environment, understanding what deals are likely to close and what accounts are likely to renew is difficult. To help, many revenue teams collect content engagement, sales activity, and customer intent data, but that data is siloed in various systems. This makes it difficult to get a holistic measure of deal confidence and account health before, during, and after a sale.

While other revenue intelligence solutions capture important data and information about customer activity and intent (e.g. volume of sales rep activities and sales conversations), there aren’t any revenue intelligence platforms that offer insights into sales content engagement.

Mediafly has long offered robust content engagement analytics including who viewed a specific piece of content, for how long, how often, whether it was shared, and with who. Our Content Impact reports also tie specific content assets directly to revenue.

Now, with the introduction of Revenue360, Mediafly marries those content engagement insights with customer intent and sales activity data in one visual dashboard, offering sales organizations a 360-degree view of deal and account health.

How does Revenue360 work?

When marketers, sellers, and account representatives share content via Mediafly, content usage and consumption data is automatically captured. Regardless of where/how the content is shared (e.g. in a content hub on the website, presented in a sales meeting, sent as a follow-up), content engagement data is automatically recorded back to Mediafly. This data includes who viewed the asset, when, for how long, how many times, and whether or not they shared it with others.

Revenue360 takes that data and visualizes it in a unified dashboard with customer intent, conversation intelligence, and sales activity data via deep integrations with other sales technologies including CRM, marketing automation, ABM, etc. 

The result is a holistic view of deal and account health.

How can current Mediafly customers add Revenue360 to their existing Mediafly solutions?

Revenue360 is now available in limited release. If you’re interested in adding Revenue360 to your existing Mediafly sales enablement solution, please contact your customer success or account representative.

Where can prospective Mediafly buyers learn more about Revenue360?

Learn more about Revenue360 or request a demo here.