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Mediafly in the News | Press Digest Fall/Winter 2013

By Lindsey Tishgart | December 6, 2013

Local Investors Inject Mediafly with $1.3M in Closed Financing
Amina Elahi | Built in Chicago | 10.29.13

For many businesses, one of today’s preeminent challenges is not only creating the best content, but also disseminating it. Manual tools such as flash drives and cloud based storage boxes vary in reliability, and also lack the security necessary for housing and accessing sensitive files. Another obstacle is that the B2B community expects presentations and content that are as slick and polished as what the customer sees. For everyone from salespeople to moviemakers, it is becoming more and more important to have access to the best content at all times. But how? Read More

The things I wish I knew before I jumped into entrepreneurshipThe things I wish I knew before I jumped into entrepreneurship
Carson Conant | Upstart Business Journal | 12.4.13

There are a lot of analogies when it comes to entrepreneurship. For me, starting a business was like sailing across a vast ocean on a little boat in search of new land and opportunities … with your spouse and kids by your side. There are storms, days without wind and times when it’s smooth sailing, but it’s always fun because I’m at the helm. For those who are along for the ride, however, it can be both scary and exhausting— and it shouldn’t be. They should be having as much fun as I am. Read More

Getting a better return on your cash with Ariba Discount Professional
Richard Barrett | CFO Knowledge | 12.5.13

At a time when holding excess cash in short-term investments earns next to nothing, it makes sense to settle early with any supplier that offers attractive early payment discounts – and to offer them to your customers too. Those 2%/10 Net 30 payments terms might just be the best deal around offering the equivalent of a 36% APR yield on cash. Read More

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