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Mediafly CFO John Evarts on Driving a Forming Market

By Sarah Senne | June 27, 2016

Fresh off his presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016, Mediafly’s Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer John Evarts talked to SAP and Forrester in a series of interviews on how Mediafly is “unleashing” sales forces with its innovative approach to the often-vague field of “sales enablement.

“Our solution lets you aggregate content from different sources and deliver it in an elegant, consumer-based experience that always has the most up-to-date content and data,” John tells John Ward of SAP, explaining how Mediafly’s customer-focused approach combines dynamic storytelling with a data-driven approach. “So at the critical point in a sales discussion, a sales rep can present the one piece of data needed to create that Aha moment.”

John explains that while Mediafly utilizes data both to connect with the customer, and also drives better content through marketing usage metrics on the back-end, “Mediafly is not trying to automate the sales process but rather helping to ‘unleash’ the potential of a more evolved selling process.”

Speaking to Forrester after being named one of four “Breakout Vendors” in sales content management, John elaborated on how the customer-driven approach differentiates Mediafly from other players in the market: “Start with the customer, and in order to do that, you have to think customer-first […] How do we make a seamless experience, whether it’s in the field with a salesperson, whether it’s e-commerce, whatever the business is.” He continues, “All of these companies are struggling with this right now, and it’s a unique moment in time where there’s a lot of value that can be created in this space.”

Watch a clip from John’s interview with Forrester below. To learn more about how the forming sales enablement space and other sales solutions work together, download our free eBook.

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John Evarts Forrester Interview: Driving the Forming Sales Enablement Market from Mediafly on Vimeo.

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