Salesforce integration: SalesKit Meeting Tracker

Here at Mediafly, we work hard to make the lives of salespeople better. We talk to a lot of salespeople, and what we hear from reps over and over again is “I hate my CRM.” This feeling comes from many reasons:

  • While CRM is very valuable to sales management, salespeople find these systems add little to no value to their primary job as salespeople
  • After a long day or week of meetings, salespeople have to drag themselves into their CRM to record notes of what happened in each sales meeting they had—instead, they want to be working towards their next deal or spending time with their families
  • CRM systems in general are clunky, complex, and require a lot of clicks/taps to accomplish the most basic of tasks

What does SalesKit Meeting Tracker do?
Once SalesKit Meeting Tracker has been turned on for your company’s environment, tap on the “Meetings” button and start tracking your meeting.

Salesforce integration - SalesKit Meeting Tracker

When you’re done, stop tracking, record the meeting’s details, and send them to

Salesforce integration - SalesKit Meeting Tracker

Your meeting’s details will appear within the Activity History for the account, contact, and opportunity you’ve chosen.

Salesforce integration - SalesKit Meeting Tracker

What’s coming next?
We have a rich roadmap for SalesKit Meeting Tracker, including integration to our other app platforms (web, Windows, Mac, Android) and to other CRM platforms (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Cloud for Customer). If you’d like to learn more about our roadmap, please contact us.

How can I learn more?
If you’re not a SalesKit user yet, take a look at the demo version of our app, My SalesKit, or fill out our form for a guided walkthrough with one of our sales specialists. For existing customers, please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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