You might know that Salesforce takes the best of Dreamforce around the world before the main event on their World Tour. In addition to World Tour, Chicago’s Navy Pier plays host to Midwest Dreamin’, a “super user group” event hosted by Midwest group leaders with keynotes and musical guests that give a taste of what’s to come in San Francisco in October.

This year, Midwest Dreamin’ marked its sixth year, and Mediafly came out as a sponsor to help unite hundreds of Salesforce users in the midwest. If you couldn’t make it, here are 5 of the biggest moments.

1. Vala Afshar’s Quote-Worthy Keynote

Val Afshar started his career as a software developer. Now, he’s Salesforce’s Chief Digital Evangelist. Anyone who follows him on Twitter knows that he loves sharing his favorite quotes, but he creates them out just as well. His keynote, Business and Personal Branding in the Digital Era, touched on our digital footprints, leveraging the digital community, and focusing on being helpful instead of trying to stay “relevant.” It was also a quote extravaganza—here were some of our favorites:

“To grow, you have to intentionally struggle, embrace uncertainty, and share.”

“I always start with culture, then get onto technology.”

“Culture is what happens when the managers leave the room.”

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

“Do one thing every day that scares you—for me, this is it.”

2. The Demo Jam Battles

Some of this year’s sponsors got to show off their apps during the opening reception. The kicker? They only got 3 minutes to do it in a series of showdowns until a single winner was crowned. Congrats, Tact:

3. …And the Other Jams

What do you get when 6 Salesforce enthusiasts come together to form a band? The best/only Salesforce-themed band in the world, Apex and the Limits:

4. Amy Oplinger’s (@salesforceamy) Inspirational Keynote

Ever feel like you’ll be “exposed” as not being worthy of your accomplishments? It’s a more common feeling than most people realize (up to 70% experience it), and it even has a name: Imposter Syndrome. GIF-enthusiast, Amy Oplinger, addressed Imposter Syndrome in her keynote, Are you an Imposter? Own it! She covered how it sometimes might feel like other Salesforce admins might know so much more about SFDC than you do, but her approach to overcoming those negative thoughts can apply to all areas of your life:

5. Unveiling New Additions to the AppExchange

Since 2006, the AppExchange has exploded in size, with the 3 millionth app installed in 2015. Many sponsors (including yours truly) were showing off new apps and updates to eager Salesforce enthusiasts.

Earlier this year, we released SalesKit Meeting Tracker, which allows sales reps to automatically log what happens in a meeting into Salesforce without disrupting the flow. We’re building on that first step by allowing sales reps to access sales content directly for Salesforce in the new SalesKit by Mediafly AppExchange app. Content administrators can manage content for users on their Salesforce account by simply dragging and dropping the videos, documents, PowerPoints, and more that will engage today’s modern buyer.

We’re thrilled to extend the power of the Customer Success Platform to our in-person sales platform by putting the focus on the customer’s experience through every step of the buying process.

Now, after Dreamin’, we’re ready for Dreamforce! Join us in San Francisco this October where we’ll be sharing success stories and showing attendees how they can leverage The Personal Selling Platform. Can’t wait until then? Download SalesKit by Mediafly from the AppExchange or request a demo tailored for you and your company.





By Lou Barreiro

July 25, 2016

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