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It’s finally here! After months of hard work, we’ve formally launched our new and improved branding and website. Mediafly’s new “look” not only reflects our evolution and growth as a company, it also represents a significant shift in our maturing space. We hope you’ll agree that the new site layout, tailored content, clean visuals, and cutting-edge technology make for a truly dynamic digital experience!

In part 1 of this 3 part blog series, we’ll take you through our website rebranding journey as Mediafly Founder & CEO, Carson Conant and EVP, Matt Suggs reveal their perspectives on our new look and explain how we got here.

Out With the Old, In With the New

As a pioneer in the quickly evolving mobile enablement space, it’s our top priority to demonstrate our expertise and value through cutting-edge enterprise mobile technology. A huge part of bringing these innovative solutions to market is by creating and maintaining a strong digital presence. So, when we asked ourselves how we could cater more efficiently to our audience and help them better understand how we fit into their world the answers were simple, according to, Mediafly Founder & CEO, Carson Conant and EVP Matt Suggs:

  • “Evolve while preserving the best parts of our identity that were built from our original branding.”—Carson Conant
  • “Maintain pace with the rapidly changing technology and operating systems we interact with on a daily basis.” —Matt Suggs

That’s exactly what we set out to do with a brand new and improved website.

Our Concept: Delivering Value at First Click

From the beginning, our concept for the new site was driven by our desire to deliver value…right at the start.

“Our space isn’t as mature as, say, the CRM space. So we wanted to get our visitors up to speed with highly tailored, meaningful content and demonstrate how we can help them as soon as they land on our site,” says Carson. In short, he puts it like this:

“When someone comes to our site, it’s like getting a master’s degree in content mobility.”

Matt adds, “When prospects look for a solution to a problem, they connect best with customer stories who are part of their industry or whose problems are similar to their own. As an initial step in building credibility and trust with our prospective customers, we’ve added our industry segments and made it a top priority to showcase the value we bring to current customers.”

Mobile-First Content MobilityNew Look and Feel

As for the design itself, Carson and Matt describe it as modern, simple, classy, easy and representative of our own innovations.

“We talk a lot about the importance of being nimble. Our new site is non-constrained so we can be as nimble as possible,” explains Matt.

And of course, for Mediafly—The Content Mobility Cloud—mobile optimization is key. He adds, “Our site MUST look good on any device.”

Collaboration is Key

Pulling together all of these moving parts to make our website hit home and meet the needs of our prospects would not have been possible without a tight, cohesive collaboration between Sales and Marketing. Carson adds, “Our website is usually the first place someone goes to get to know us. Solidifying our position as the go-to resource for enterprise content mobility is key. Sales really acts like the voice of the customer and provide insights into what trends are emerging in our space.”

Flying into the Future

According to Matt, “Our space is evolving fast. It’s imperative that we have a scalable website that allows us to evolve too—from both a content and functionality standpoint—without having to launch a whole new website. He continues, “and in 2-3 years, we hope to be the primary location where people come for the latest and greatest information on content mobility.”

In part 2, we’ll dive even deeper into the new website, so stay tuned…

In the meantime, explore our new website and let us know what you think!

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By Lou Barreiro

June 10, 2014

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