You know the worry of too many people touching secure content, thus increasing the risk of it getting leaked or stolen. You’ve felt the panic caused by sales & pre-/post-production materials going “missing” when you need them the most.  You’ve experienced the headache of using complicated software for a process that shouldn’t be so complex. These pains can often be your reality – solving them is ours.

We understand the situations that make selling and reviewing secure content a challenge. From our experience of working with entertainment industry leaders, we’ve come up with a list of five process-critical scenarios that can be cumbersome and at times insecure. Also included are ways in which content security and ease of use are greatly improved.

1. Upfronts

Upfronts time forces your team to put together costly, time consuming binders

Traditionally, the materials that are given and received during Upfronts week come in bulky binders of loose paper and DVDs. It’s a pain for your team to assemble these expensive packages consistently and in time. Afterwards, your contacts are left with daunting mountains of materials and a higher potential that things will go unseen or get lost. Misplacing your contact information or a pre-release DVD means lost business.

It’s absolutely possible to have that unsightly binder digitally packaged in a way that’s compelling and accessible from any device. We can implement a custom Upfronts UI on top of our secure, drag-and-drop content management system, Airship, that your team will love using. You can rest easy knowing that your content is stored securely and will never get lost. Our system also generates easy to read reports so you can see exactly who’s viewing what and when.

2. Production Screening

Production Screening involves shipping and receiving bulky boxes of DVDs or cumbersome links

Production screening usually happens in one of a few ways: shipping DVDs, file transfer systems like FTP, file sharing services like Dropbox, or expensive commercial solutions like Aspera or Pix. Shipping DVDs is both slow and insecure because of the number of people who touch the content as it’s transported. Although more secure than shipping DVDs, cumbersome links to content generated by file-sharing services can still be easily forwarded to non-cleared parties. Even if these links have pre-set expiration dates, this basic level of security is easily circumvented. Not to mention the needle in the haystack problem of finding the link when you need it among hundreds of other emails.

Mediafly ProReview solves these problems with industry-leading DRM and security. An administrator can upload content into our Airship back-end system and manage permissions easily. This can also be done via a custom integration to your existing CMS. ProReview also saves time by delivering authenticated users the most up to date dailies and rough cuts instantly in a searchable and user-friendly manner.

3. Pre- and Post-Air Advertiser Review


Advertisers want to review where their dollars flow, and studios have offered homegrown pre- and post-air advertiser review solutions in the past. This scenario mirrors many of the issues seen in production screening, with the added issue of being able to share content with people outside of your studio quickly, easily, and securely. Links are easy to generate and share with anyone. There in lies the problem: share with anyone – intended or not.

With our solutions it’s easy to provision a user with access to the correct content for the correct amount of time, whether they’re in your company or not. The added benefits of rich annotations, threaded comments, and tracking reports that can be generated by the admin user(s) at any time make ProReview the common sense alternative. Add in the quick turn-around time and you’ve got a perfect answer to any review problem.

4. Script Review

Physical copies used during script review carry a lot of the aforementioned security and ease-of-use problems. Receiving a stack of scripts to cover can be distressing, even for the most organized reviewer. There are a multitude of software packages available specifically for script review to address some of these problems, but they also create new ones. New, niche packages are constantly entering the market. Each time you introduce a niche software package, both your team and those outside of your story department need to learn a new tool. Reviewers might also need to view additional content outside of the physical script – the training and ultimately the cost of using disparate software adds up. Why use two or three tools when one exceptional one would do?

Script Review involves paper scripts or another piece of software

With ProReview you can have everything in one place, across multiple departments. We make this easy by allowing documents like scripts to be found in the same application as video content. It’s still very easy to separate the content types in any configuration imaginable and associate different levels of permissions for different users. With threaded, sharable commenting, ProReview is becoming the go-to tool for script review.

5. Syndication Sales Presentations & Non-Theatrical B2B Screening

Syndication Sales Presentations & Non-Theatrical B2B Screening can often be international

It’s often difficult to make sure that sales reps are using the most up-to-date, on message materials available. In the world of national and international film and TV rights sales, collateral can become easily disorganized. You want your sales reps to have the most up-to-date material, in multiple languages if possible, in a way that’s searchable and available online & offline. The ability to pull up last year’s sales data or rights ownership information on the fly can be crucial to closing that next deal. Fumbling with stacks of paper or only having a DVD in one language can lead to a huge loss of an opportunity.

Along with ProReview, we offer a mobile sales enablement product called SalesKit. SalesKit has all of the security parameters, content management functionality, user access controls and ease-of-use elements outlined in the previous scenarios but is geared towards your sales team specifically. Coupling these two products provides an enterprise mobile solution for today’s sophisticated entertainment studio.

As a trusted partner, Mediafly is looking forward to helping you solve your critical business challenges and pre-production headaches. Do you want to see our products in action and learn what we can do for you? Check out our free demo app family or request a more customized product walk-through:

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By Lou Barreiro

August 1, 2013

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