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Mediafly Acquires Presentify


Mediafly is pleased to announce that we have completed our acquisition of Presentify effective October 28, 2020. We’re excited to join forces to help companies create extraordinary sales content experiences. As a leader in sales enablement technology, we pledge our continued commitment to enabling our customers’ success.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Mediafly?

Mediafly is a Chicago-based sales enablement and sales content solution provider that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of marketers and sellers for improved buyer engagement. Our technology combines Enterprise content management, AI-powered Content Hubs, value selling and ROI calculators, interactive presentation tools, sales readiness integrations, and advanced content usage analytics to ensure your solution is scalable and flexible enough to meet your needs today and grow with your business along your sales enablement journey. Our best-in-class approach to customer success ensures your sales content and sales enablement technology are optimized to meet your unique challenges for the greatest return on your investment. We service Fortune 1000 clients across multiple categories.


Who is Presentify?

Presentify is a UK-based visual communications provider that uses visual storytelling elements to help companies convey their message or proposition in a clear and compelling way. Presentify takes static, ordinary content and transforms it into interactive presentations, social media and explainer videos, simulated demos, sales enablement toolkits, and self-navigated documents that get your message across with crystal clarity. The company has created next-generation content for clients including PitneyBowes, Barclaycard, and Avalara.


Why did Mediafly acquire Presentify?

Mediafly understands that great sales content experiences are the key to improving engagement between brands and their buyers. Our acquisition of Presentify furthers our mission to place content at the center of everything we do while enhancing Mediafly’s sophisticated sales enablement offering with:

  • A combined portfolio of Enterprise experience with global bluechip clients and a wide range of use cases 
  • A proprietary Presentification process for interactive sales content creation and visual storytelling
  • A visionary team for future cutting edge innovation that will push boundaries to exceed the needs of the always-evolving digital selling market
  • One-of-a-kind content customization capabilities, from visual animations to simple content editing, in one unified sales application


What will change at Mediafly?

Nathan Jackson, managing director of Presentify, will join Mediafly’s executive team as EVP, Presentify. Moving forward, Nathan will lead Mediafly’s effort to provide and support more sophisticated and visually immersive content for our customers.


What does this mean for Presentify?

Presentify is now a Mediafly company and will merge operations with Mediafly over the coming months. Nathan Jackson, managing director of Presentify, will assume the role of EVP, Presentify at Mediafly. Nathan will continue to focus on equipping companies with the types of compelling, interactive content required to improve buyer engagement and close deals.


How does this impact existing Mediafly customers?

Current Mediafly customers will see no changes to existing subscriptions or service level agreements. Moving forward, Mediafly users can add Presentify capabilities to their existing Mediafly environments to build elevated selling stories using sophisticated visual communication capabilities directly within their Mediafly applications. While these content services carry an additional cost, the new capabilities will allow existing customers to get even more ROI out of their existing Mediafly environments. 


How does this impact existing Presentify customers?

Presentify customers can continue to leverage Presentify to help them create compelling and interactive content that resonates with in-person and remote buyers. As their content libraries continue to grow, Presentify customers may explore Mediafly’s best-in-class sales enablement technology providing enterprise content management, AI-driven content Hubs and recommendations, interactive ROI and TCO calculators, and advanced content usage analytics.


What are the added benefits of a Mediafly-Presentify merger?

With the acquisition of Presentify, Mediafly is the only multi-faceted sales content and enablement solution on the market, providing a sophisticated, Enterprise-grade sales enablement platform supported by a challenge-based sales methodology, leading AI-powered content analytics, and visual storytelling capabilities.

Together with Presentify, Mediafly allows customers to take ordinary, static content and transform it into extraordinary, visual sales stories that can be seamlessly leveraged in-person, remote, or as follow-up content. Insights garnered from Mediafly’s advanced content usage analytics can then be used to tie specific content assets directly to pipeline creation and revenue, allowing a continuous cycle of measurement, optimization, and improvement. 


Where can I find more information about new product offerings resulting from the acquisition of Presentify?

To learn more about Mediafly’s acquisition of Presentify, please visit our blog and press release


Who should I contact if I want to learn more?

If you’re a Presentify customer or prospective client and would like to learn more about how Mediafly can help your sellers and marketers improve engagement with remote and in-person buyers for increased revenue, contact us.

Existing Mediafly customers interested in refreshing the sales and marketing content in their Mediafly-powered sales applications should continue to work through their Mediafly sales representatives or customer success managers.

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